Thinking business, every day; A mind shift!

Is a day without progress made on a project a day wasted?

Since I’ve last written, my little project to attempt to change $100 into a million has kind of branched off into a few different projects. This is really cool, and was the intention from the start. I just didn’t know at the start what opportunities might present themselves or what ideas I might have!

What it’s done, though, has made me wonder exactly what it means to manage multiple side hustles as well as a main job (albeit part time) as a consultant.

So to give some background and explain roughly what my life looks like right now, it goes a little something like this;

  1. I’m Dad, and that’s my main responsibility. While my wife is working full time in the ED and studying for a huge doctor exam, it’s my job to keep house and look after our two kids. This takes a lot of time and is essentially a project to manage on its own!
  2. My main job, working part time as a business management consultant. This is a dream come true for me, and I currently have three solid clients, which takes up all the time I can spare at the moment. I plan to expand in the new year once the exam pressure is off. Obviously this expansion and marketing will require a lot of planning.
  3. The side hustles! My buying and selling, maintaining the blog, a fledgling bar snacks business, and most recently part responsibility for a boutique video store.

Most of my time is spent on item 1, which, as much as I love it, doesn’t make any money! And so I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about how I can juggle all the other things to make sure they all continue to grow and, ultimately, make a profit.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I am an amateur entrepreneur, and in fact I’m not even 100% convinced I am one! I’m trying to learn something that I’ve always believed you either have or don’t have.

But anyway – the main point of this blog was to talk about a mind shift. What it seems to have boiled down to, is that every day I find myself asking;

“What did I do to make money today?”

At the moment, the definition of “make money” for me is pretty chill. It doesn’t mean, for example, is there more money in the bank than there was yesterday. It’s more like; what have I done today, however small, that pushes one of my side hustles or main gig forward.

In my projects book, and based on the things I learned from “getting things done” by David Allen, I have seperate sections for each project, and seperate models and plans for each too. I like to try and break things down into the next physical action to keep the plan moving forward and to stop things going stale, and to avoid that horrible feeling of a log-jam of confusing and unrelated tasks building up in my brain!

What this means for me is that at any time, whenever I have a stolen hour or two, there’s always a task I can do for one of my projects, and there’s always a way to keep things moving forward. And at the end of each day I can look back on the fact that I’ve dipped in to every project, I know where they are and I know that things re moving in the right direction, and that most relevant to this article, I’ve made progress towards profits!

What’s very important to remember is that at the other end of this process is a solid plan for each project so that I can make sure that the tasks I’m creating and tackling are actually contributing towards the ultimate aims of the individual project, and that nothing I’m doing is just meandering aimlessly along. And of course, what’s also important to remember is to have proper days off and look after yourself!

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been doing; Using this little process to make sure that I’m thinking business every day, and that while I’m juggling multiple projects, nothing gets left behind and nothing is missed out and I’m always working towards making a profit with all of my endeavours.

I’m keen to hear how others approach juggling multiple projects, and whether thinking business every day is how they roll, so leave a comment if you have any thoughts or questions!

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