What’s this all about?

I’m not an entrepreneur. I’m not experienced in business. I’m not good with money, and I don’t have very much of it. Hell yeah, what an opening!

What I am is a musician, a father of two young children, a husband to a brilliant wife with an amazing career, and a virgo who loves order, project management and the admin jobs everyone else hates.

As well as all that stuff, what I am is sick: Sick of success stories. Sick of Youtube vids telling me I can make $10k in a month by working part time. Sick of the people in those vids showing me their damn Lamborghinis. (Why is it always a Lamborghini?) Sick of not hearing the other side of stories about people who have succeeded in business; hearing how many tries and the lost thousands it took before they had something worth making a video about. I’m sick of thinking “I could do that. Surely I can do that. How hard can it be?”

So I’m going to try something.  I’m going to try and take $100 and turn it into… well… more than $100 I guess. (*spoiler alert* There’s an elephant in the room at this point. I want to say the M word here but it seems ridiculous. I’m worried I’ll sound like one of those Youtube creatures if I do. Nah OK I can do it, what have I got to lose, let me compose myself, here goes…)

I’m going to try and take $100 and turn it into $1,000,000. 

To start with I’m just going to try to make it back (which might be the hardest part as I’m not sure what I’m doing yet) and then I’m going to try and turn it into more than $100. I’m assuming by the time I’ve made it back I might have some good ideas! I’m going to buy some things, fix some things and hopefully sell some things. I’m going to try adding value and spotting gaps in markets; things that at this point I’ve only read about but haven’t attempted. I’ll start with tiny little things and scale up (hopefully) to big things. I hope that one day I’ll invest in people and businesses. Cool ones that I like, that have a social focus, that are going to do good as well as just make money.

To be honest I’d quite like to make old fashioned money and turn it into stuff I like and stuff that benefits others and not just myself. I’m going to measure what happens, I’m going to learn and share what has worked and how it has worked. I’m going to create a set of rules (I like rules) around how I roll to ensure I can sleep at night and live with the decisions I make. I’m going to learn things I never knew, and I’m going to try things I’ve never tried. I’m going to measure everything and share it all.

I’m going to succeed, and I am going to fail, and at this point I’ve got no idea which of those I’ll be doing more. Mainly I’m going to learn, listen and share.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure, I hope we have fun!



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